This weekend I'm going to be spending some time doing what I absolutely LOVE to do.  PACKING. Actually, I just lied to you, I do not love to pack.  Frankly, I hate to pack.  But it's something that must be done.  Shew -- it seems ever since I left the nest for undergrad some-odd years ago I've moved a trillion times.  I might be exaggerating by a billion million thousand, but you know, a lot.  For the past few years it seems I've moved once a year.  Oh well, life is constantly moving forward right?  Only suiting I get a new location with each step.  But I will be happy when the day comes in the future when I don't have to move so much and can really settle in somewhere.  As for now, though, I'm alright with packingMOVINGunpacking (repeat) for my twenties.  I'm glad for the change while I'm young.

So packing it is.  It's weird that the days are numbered and I'm actually approaching the moving day.  I can't wait!  But packing this weekend will be not so fun.  How does one acquire so much JUNK so quickly?  Ew.  At least I will hopefully get a little break attack in this weekend and watch Deathly Hallows Part I with Lizzie Lou.  Man, oh man, do I ever love Harry Potter.  I will probably watch Deathly Hallows every single day from today til July 15th.  Yes.

Wellllllll.  All of this to say:  forgive me if posts are even more infrequent than usual (not like I've ever been consistent with this blog) because I will be packing up my life and moving it 7 hours away.  So excited to move on!

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  1. I hate packing and unpacking too. Good luck with the move. =)