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50's Housewife 

My first wave of moving is complete.  This week I have more of a task of housewife (thus the pictures) as I am now officially funemployed down here in futureland.  It's been a chaotic few days, but very productive.  Easter Sunday Mister and I were visited by the Easter Bunny and given a basket to share that held some chocolates, lots of fruits (including mandarins! my favorite!), bread, cheese, and wine.  The Easter Bunny got a lot classier this year!  

After Easter lunch with my parents we packed up all my essentials in both our cars, including my muttbaby dog and all her things and hit the road. (Sassycat is staying at her grandparents til the move is complete, then joining us down here.)  Rory did the best of the three of us with the long trip.  We stopped a couple times, one of those times to eat parts of our Easter basket goodies for supper, and Rory handled the situation very well.  I listened to an excellent book called At Home: A Short History of Private Life while traveling to futureland.   Very neat book exploring the histories surrounding all the rooms in the house!  Sounds weird, maybe boring, but it was extremely interesting, I promise.  Or maybe just for someone like me it was interesting.  Whatevs.  I don't know what Mister and Rory listened to in his car?  I think he was finishing a book on Buddha but I'm not positive?  Anyway.  We made it to NC and crashed.  Hard.  

When we woke up the next morning we unloaded almost all of my stuff into our new house (we won't actually stay in that house for a few days though - we're staying at Mister's current apartment), went to the library for a bit, ate some lunch, and I got a new phone with a new number!  My iPhone will be no more in a few days.  But the neat thing about Verizon is I can sell my phone back to them and put that money towards my phone bill!  And they are buying it back for a great amount - more than I could hope for.  It will be weird not to have a smartphone anymore, but I'm already liking the idea of "unplugging" a bit.  24/7 access to twitter isn't that great for "living in the moment."  So having a less-smart-phone will be nice - at least for a while!  

50's Housewife. This one kind of sucks, i know.Mister has had to go to work, if you don't know - he's a professor, and while he was at work last night I poked around and found some sheet music and sat down at the piano and played a couple songs.  It's been forever since I've really sat down at the piano and tried to play.  An amazing thing -- muscle memory is awesome - my fingers were super rusty at first but once I stuck it out for a couple minutes, it's like my fingers magically knew where to go when I looked at the music.  This is not to say that the songs were particularly well-played, but whatever.  Now that I live with a piano again, I'm finally thankful for all the years of lessons my mother forced me to attend!  And now I'm itching to get my old sheet music back from my parents house so I can play some old favorites.  Let me tell you this, though... Mister came home and saw me at the piano, he plopped down once I got up and tried playing the song I was playing - he doesn't know how to read music, he does it by ear, and after I told him what key it was in and he hit a few wrong notes, he played the song even better than what the music read.  Don't ya just hate people with natural musical talent?!  So so so jealous of them!!!

I'm by myself most of today.  Well, not really if you count the sleeping dog lying in the bed near me right now.  After catching up on blogs this morning and writing my own, I'm going to take Rory for a long walk, then hopefully get in my own car and explore a little bit on my own.  I hope I don't get lost!  I know for sure how to get to the grocery store and the library, but other than that, I'm kind of clueless.  Luckily I'm pretty good with direction so I'm optimistic.  Maybe I'll get to my housewife duties and clean, organize, and cook today too!  Tomorrow I get to see my favorite band again!  So stoked, especially since we can walk to the venue from here --- nice! 

I hope all of you had lovely Easters and are gearing up for a lovely week! 

[image: housewife sherri and here]

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  1. What a classy bunny!

    So happy for you & your move. Cannot wait to hear more about it. <3