hot weekend.

The heat index in our part of the country was the highest in the nation this weekend.  I suppose it's our turn for this crazy heat wave.   We continued life as normal at first because we are kind of disconnected from the outside world until we go out in the world each day.  No tv & we only get on the internet to check emails and social networks.  Friday we went to the PTA home store and bought a chair and ottoman.  We already have a loveseat and sofa, but the loveseat is still missing its cushions -- that's a humorous and long story that I won't share right now.  We moved the loveseat up into the loft and I spent Saturday cleaning up the chair and ottoman before we brought it in to live in our little living room.  We quite like it.  A lot.  We also spent the earlier part of the weekend picking through other PTAs and used bookstores and ended up coming home with a crazy amount of books (it would be our luck that another town's PTA was having a book sale on their already crazy cheap books) and some records. 
our new chair with some of our new book purchases on it. 
mister's grandmother made that quilt and it's so perfect to curl up in when reading.
Sunday brought thunderstorms.  Which, for us, means power outages.  Our electricity goes off for brief periods a lot out here in the country.  But it was out for most of the day on Sunday.  We got a lot of reading done during the day.  The power came back on in the evening for an hour and then it decided to stop again.  It's not easy to sleep when you're burning up but we made little beds out in the living room (it was cooler out there) and talked as it got later and later.  It was a bit creepy to see the electric company trucks drive slowly up and down our road with spotlights lighting up the treelined sky trying to find whatever was causing the problem.  Eventually the power did come back on though.  However, Monday had more storms in store for us so once again the electricity kept going on and off -- kinda frustrating. 

In the no power/internet days we had, I decided to dye my hair a dark brown last night.  It's never been a complete brown before -- I always bought an auburn color if I wanted to go darker than my natural ginger.  But I straight up got "dark golden brown" this time and it did not disappoint.  Let's see if my hair, that has a talent for growing superfast and rejecting hair dye (I dye it one day and it's back to normal in less than a week, even with professional dye jobs), will stay dark for a while.  Photobooth pics below!  

hope y'all are staying cool!


  1. The cushions will come...one day. I promise :(

  2. I love how many books you two own. <3

  3. The number of books in our house is a bit ridiculous. All the ones in the picture haven't found a home yet in the library/office-- we're running out of room.