Last night I watched the movie North.  It's safe to say that I haven't watched this movie in at least 10 years, probably more.  I adored this movie when I was younger.  I was very excited to see it on instant Netflix. It's so interesting to watch a movie you loved as a child, haven't seen in years, and now watch it as an adult.  This movie is so fun and clever.  Mister, who had never seen it & wasn't thrilled by my choice of movie for the evening, even really liked it.  About 15 minutes in, "hey, this movie is pretty good."  Yes, yes it is!

Bruce Willis as the guardian easter bunny.
Ma and Pa Tex! I absolutely LOVE Reba.
I felt North shoulda chose them simply because they had a song and dance prepared!

Viva El Norte!
loved the sweaters & needlpoint, Kathy Bates!

didn't realize baby ScarJo was in it!

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Some wisdom from the movie:
                    Joey Fingers: Remember, kid, if you can't stand the heat, stay out of Miami.
                    North: What metaphor is that?
                    Joey Fingers: What metaphor? You ever been down there in August? Your balls stick to your leg like crazy glue.

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