dear john [please don't confuse this with that one movie]

Dear John,

You are not at home right now.  You are away for the weekend.  This morning we woke up together in our make-shift fort in the living room after watching the final few episodes of Lost the night before.  You woke up and showered and got ready and said goodbye to our dog then hugged and kissed me goodbye.  It feels weird to be going to bed alone tonight in our bed (in our bedroom & not on the floor of the living room) when I only just saw you hours ago.  Does it feel weird for you to be falling asleep in another state? 

Today I worked (it was so cold outside and the kids would not pay attention), I read a lot (I wonder what the librarians think of me for checking out so many books all the time and please remember to return the audiobooks you checked out on my card so you don't give me late fees again), I cooked all my meals (I'm starting to rethink this no-sugar thing simply for the fact that I can't have any of the delicious barbeque/hot sauces we have that I used to put on everything), and I wrote down a list of things I would have said to you if you were here in that blue notebook that we use for random thoughts (I'm up to 10 things so far, most of them concern Leslie Knope and my mom).  What was your day like?  I hope it was fun.

Anyway, I just thought I'd write you a letter on this little blog that we share because I'm just missing you a whole lot right now.  And did you realize that this 55-ish hours that we are going without seeing each other is the longest time apart in about a year?  I did.   I just want you to know that you're my best friend and I like spending time with you.  When you come back on Sunday we will do fun things.  The new Ninja Gaiden comes out soon and we are also going to the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games in a couple weeks.  March will be good. 

I love you,

PS - below are three photos I am enclosing in this letter.

these are the books I read(/am reading) while you are gone.
I hope to have at least 3 completed by Sunday.
this is your dog that misses you so much.
she is going to sleep on your side of the bed this weekend.
the flowers you gave me the other day are going to open up soon.
I bet they will all be open when you get back.

PPS - I love you so much.

PPPS - I love you.

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