halló ísland.

John's going to Iceland!  How exciting for him!  He and his best friend, Mikey, have been planning this trip for 10 years and it has been a goal for John to go before he turns 30.  [should I tell you on this blog, that he turns 30 this summer? hope you don't mind, John!]  And since his big 3-0 is in June, it is fitting that they will be going on their dream trip for 10 days in June too.  I'm making him take one of my cameras and making him promise to take tons of pictures.  I can't wait to see all the beautiful places he will experience.  John and Mikey ALWAYS talk about Iceland and have been waiting for the chance to finally visit so this is super awesome for them!

I've been ogling pictures on the internet for the past few days, wondering what they will see on their visit! (too bad it's the summer where there will be 24 complete hours of sunlight so he won't get to see the aurora, but he will get to see the midnight sun, which is pretty effing cool!)

Iceland from Eva Sturm on Vimeo.

How extraordinarily beautiful.  I know they will have such a great time!

In other news - Spring has sprung in our parts and we love it.  Most days we are itching for any chance to get outside and enjoy it - lots of walks & lake trips to kayak this spring.  We've also been spending time helping two of our friends get their new house painted and ready for move-in.  Expanding our cooking skills -- we both have been improvising & experimenting in the kitchen with interesting (and mostly tasty) results. Starting to realize that cooking is all about trial and error, don't be afraid to see what would happen if you add this to that, it's really so much more fun and easy than I always thought.  And we've been watching lots of Lord of the Rings.  We only have the theatrical versions on dvd but we stole our friend's extended cut box set Easter Sunday when we had our "Friend Easter" celebration and have been watching the movies over and over again as we are wont to do.


all photos found on fyeahiceland. click through for original sources.

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