I used to blog all the time.  Every day.  Now I don't.  Is this what growing up feels like?  Not having the need to pour out all my feelings about everything onto the internet.  Of course I know there are plenty of bloggers on my reader that post everyday and I love that, but those bloggers post all the time because it's literally their job.  It is not my job, nor do I want it to be.  I just hate sitting in front of a computer now.  I have to set reminders on my phone to write emails because I don't want to even sit down long enough in front of a screen to type out a paragraph.  But I do recognize that I need, and want, to keep in contact with people and emailing is the best way for most of those people in this digital age.  And maybe I need to discipline myself and set reminders to update my blog too.  I want to write things down about this stage in our lives - before children, while we're young, while we're here -- I wish I still had that ability to surf the internet and sit and write.  Sometimes I think there is a direct link between deleting Facebook and the dwindling blog.  Oh well.  Basically I'm just typing this because it's Wednesday morning and I wanted to watch the new episode of Dance Moms and I have to watch it on the computer.  So I'm sitting here "watching" it and drinking my second cup of coffee before I have to get ready for my day.

So here's life.  It's summer and as I get older, summer becomes more and more my very favorite season.  We've been in our little red house for a year now.  The longer we stay here the more we fall in love with our little town.  We've both been getting active in our community and learning to live in a place where everything is closed on Sundays (and most places, on Monday too).  I think we're both pretty set on staying here for a while.  Before we were thinking it was going to be temporary, but that was when we didn't expect to fall in love with this town.  Other than our location, both of us are falling more in love with life in general.  We had a pretty gross autumn -- car problems, ankle problems, job problems... Winter got a little better, of course, we spent a lot of it visiting people in other places... Spring brought new blooms and new opportunities for us... and now Summer!  Summer is when things are getting good.  I'm excited about summer. 

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  1. I miss your posts, but this update was lovely. So glad summer is being good to you. :)