let's try italian.

John and I were driving around trying to find a place to eat last night.  We were celebrating something so we wanted to try something new.  Our first choice option was closed... so I told him we should try this Italian place we hadn't been to yet.  It's tucked away in a small part of town we never drive by so we always forget it's there.  We went in and we had an amazing dining experience.  The lady who owns the little restaurant is also the chef, everything is made from scratch daily with fresh, local ingrediants.  Sounded pretty good -- we put in our order right away.  We LOVED the pizza and the broccoli parmesan that we got -- the noodles in the broccoli dish were the best I've had... so good!  But this place gets better... we kept noticing people had little plastic cups with wine but didn't see any alcohol on the menu so we asked about it (our waitress was new and didn't know we were new too!) and turns out, the wine is complimentary.  You just serve yourself and leave a tip if you'd like!  Um, what?!  It was so good.  So we cheersed to free wine and to other good things happening in our life and then topped it off by sharing a ricotta & nutella calzone.  We died right then and there from good food and wine and happiness.  We found a new favorite place in our town... can't wait to take visitors there!

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