thankful list.

This week I am thankful for positive people.  It's so nice to be around positive people constantly.   I'm a lucky girl lately.  Life is more fun and the things that aren't so fun are more bearable.  Sometimes I think, particularly with the younger generation, it's not cool to be happy or excited about things and I just don't get that... nor have I ever.  Positive thinking & exuding positivity are the way to go.  Look on the sunny side, fake it til you make it, smile, CHOOSE JOY.  Life's not always easy but it doesn't always have to be hard. 

Say hi to a stranger, hold open doors for someone, smile at the parent struggling with children at the supermarket or restaurant, ask the checkout person how their day is going, genuinely listen to the people that are talking to you.  And more importantly, pat yourself on the back and tell yourself (out loud!) a few things you like about yourself.  You are amazing!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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