What's in a name?

I always wondered how certain names became popular.  Do all the mothers in the hospitals get together and decide to name their babies the same name?  There are always waves of names that come in and go out.

Growing up, I was always surrounded with a lot of "Ashley"s, "Laura/Lauren"s, "Brittany"s, and "Jessica"s.  The popular names with my students (high schoolers) seem to be Kelsey, Chelsea, and Mackenzie.  I was searching babynames.com and some of the recent popular names are: Isabella, Ava, Emma, and Olivia, which fits because a lot of the little baby girls I've been around have those names.  

I guess I just wonder what influences the popular names of the day.  And how do all the mothers know to name their children that?  Where was my mom when all the "Brittany"s were born?  Oh, yeah, listening to some lame-o band.

Random thoughts.  Ignore.

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