House Party.

I had lunch today at Casa with just Johnda.  It was nice to have one-on-one time with her.  We talked about Rad's birthday.  He's turning one and I can't wait to go to his birthday party.  Even though birthday parties for one year olds are kind of pointless.  But I get to see my Rad-man and see him pile his face into birthday cake.  And walk(!!!).  I'm pumped.

Anyway... I ordered something new at Casa.  We (Sarah, Johnda, Ash, and me) go there I'd say two times a week on average for lunch.  (The other frequented spot is Thai Smile.)  I always get a plain cheese quesadilla with a side of jalapenos.  Most waiters at Casa know this.  (Su Ta [sp?] at Thai Smile also knows my usual... lol.)  But today I was adventurous and ordered a vegetarian combo E.  However, when my food was brought out to me, it was not a vegetarian combo E.  It was a vegetarian combo I.  I had know idea what it was and there was only one thing on the plate.  So I ask my waiter if the other stuff is coming and he is like, that's it.  So I was like are you sure this is combo E?  And then this huge realization struck his face and he said he remembered me saying E but he wrote down I.  Then I realized that the letter "i" is pronounced like the American "e."  Oh culture clash.  He apologized profusely when he brought out my correct combo.  But I felt horrible.  Knowing my phonetics I should have realized there was a possibility for confusion and should have made my food of choice more clear.

Next time I'm getting a plain cheese quesadilla with a side of jalapenos.

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