wknd updt

I played a lot with Bailey and Daisy this weekend and it was delightful.

Lo and I discovered how to get free glasses of wine at Olive Garden.  Just ask for multiple free samples and BAM you get a glass or more for free! :)

Chelsea and I drove out to Garrard County listening to music from when we were in 8th grade.  It was fun.  We also talked about Ferngully... remember that movie?  If not, watch it now, and feel your heart grow with love for the earth around you.  "Give it life!"

All day long I've been reading about zombies and when I just took a quick cat nap, I dreamt about zombies.  Read World War Z for a good time.

Tomorrow I'm going to see The Dark Night.  Yesterday I saw Mamma Mia - James Bond should definitely NOT sing.

I had an awkward encounter with an awkward girl today in the ladies room.  It was funny.  

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