I was going to sit down and blog about my gradute classes so far. But really don't feel like it. At least not right now. I still have one more tonight, so maybe after that.

My apt mate, Chelsea, is in methods this fall (she is a year behind me and in the same undergrad program I got my BA in) and came into my room last night to show me her methods things. I realized Ginni (Un)Fair changed her syllabus a lot, and I'm thinking it is probably because of the evaluations my class gave her on the way she taught, or didn't teach, the class. They don't have to do nearly as much, and the things they have to do that we did, they don't have to do it in a "middle school" way. So funny. I need to tell my methods friends from last year about this. Even though we had to suffer through it, at least future methods classes don't. I'm just glad to know our evaluations meant something and that the time we put into them didn't go to waste.

Side note - G. Fair was a really nice person, so don't think I didn't like her ... she just didn't teach methods very well. And methods are like the most important classes to have for teaching. I don't agree with her views on the world -she's a tolerant person, but not a very understanding person- but she's so darn nice that it's hard not to be nice to her.

PS - Totally unrelated - The DNC makes me SO happy. I've been glued to CNN for the past several days. LOVE it.

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