I finally went with Beth to her fave place for Mexican food. It's authentic, true-life Mexican and it was sooooooo delicious. It is where all the Mexican workers go to eat lunch, so Beth and I are the only two white females in the place watching Telemundo with them. Funny. The Mexican men/boys were more polite about leering at us I think? It only made me slightly uncomfortable. And one man that was sitting close to Beth translated some of the TV show for us because he could tell we wanted to know. Beth knows a lot of Spanish so she ordered for me and all. I will now probably eat there with her once a week?

On the way back up to the 4th floor we were in the elevator with some horribly awkward professor and it was crowded and I wanted so hard to laugh out loud at him but couldn't because it would embarrass him and I know Beth was thinking the same thing. So I was surpressing a huge smile the whole elevator ride up and once we got out on the floor Beth came to my office, closed the door and we just burst out laughing. She was like "I kept repeating to myself, 'don't look at Rhianna, don't look at Rhianna' and then I look over at you and your eyes are in the huge smile and you could tell it was taking everything in you not to burst so I wanted to laugh with you so much." -- so true. OMG. loves it.

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