I've already lost 4 pounds!

So I'm really bad at those things where you have to type in the letters before you can do something. Captcha(?) I think? I'm probably like 87% troll? The ones on blogger aren't that hard, but sometimes I just get really nervous about typing them in and maybe hit a wrong key or something... and I never know if it is case-sensitive. Why am I over analyzing this?

Also, Annie and I go to hot yoga every week now. (I say this because we've been two weeks in a row). And we added on a six pack abs class to go to. I love working out. After I've exercised I always think of Elle Woods because "exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don't shoot their husband." Jay should be happy then, too! But we were working on balancing poses this past Tuesday and then Laura (instructor and old friend of mine) told us to try them with our eyes closed and it was an EPIC FAIL on my part. I kicked ass on the poses when I had my eyes open, but when I closed my eyes, I tumbled. I think this either means I was heavily intoxicated or I have some sort of neurological disease? Just kidding. question mark.

Tomorrow is effin Friday. Thank Jehovah. Thank Allah. THANK GOD. lulz.

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