I just tried to spell "steal" like "still" because I think when I talk that's how I say it. And that is gross I think. My (Kentucky) roots are showin! ohhhhh nooooo :)

Also, I went to go see two one acts tonight and they made me smile. Well, one made me chuckle and the other made me LAUGH OUT LOUD FOR REAL!

PS - Favorite memory of mine #239553 --
"I hit a pole? Oh my word!"
-Andrew Harmon right after he ran into an old telephone pole in the middle of an open field! OMG... he's clueless. It was so funny to witness that. The pole came tumbling down.  Sam and I had no idea if that actually happened. Priceless.

PPS - Reason for the PS, because I was in that field tonight and walked over the filled-in hole. Loves it.

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