sound bites over the past few days

I don't know how I got off on this sex tangent.  Class let's go back to discussing Lacanian theory.
- Lit Crit prof.  He looks like Joey Gladstone from Full House.  He's fun.  He's very clever and makes literary theory bearable.  

I rented what I thought was a Langston Hughes biography but it turned out to be this male gay erotica documentary.
- Shannon from my 20th Century American Lit class.  After this we (as a class) discussed possible porn titles with Langston Hughes in the name.  Not so easy to do!

You should love Sarah Palin, you're a woman!
- a professor I happen to love dearly, that made a very very ignorant statement.  I promptly spent some time telling him why I hope and pray someone like her never gets power.

Okay, when I say this I'm going to giggle, but I bought some bananas that are very big and long and I have trouble eating the whole thing.
- me, telling Beth about my breakfast.  She usually makes sure I eat breakfast, and I told her that I ate half of two bananas  within a few hours (so, one really long banana total) for my morning meal.  Oh phallic symbols.

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