The Political Compass

You know I love dem politics!

So, I went to the Political Compass website and answered the survey to see where I stand. There was (is still? idk) a washingtonpost.com Political Compass app on Facebook awhile back, but I don't know if you can still add it?  With this website, you have 6 pages of questions about your stand on different political aspects and overall ideals and then they map you on a graph that looks like this:
They also give you examples of different political "leaders" to let you know where they stood on the spectrums.  Like so:

So I took this survey and I am in quadrant III (I think, right?  forgot my math already).  I'm on the left side and down.  I suppose I figured this is where I would be. :)   
When you are on the page where they show you where you stand, they also give you more examples of people!  Check them out:
So, I'm over chillin with Nelson Mandela, The Dalai Lama, and Gandhi.  I love it!  At least I'm not even near George Dub!  YUCK!  I pretty much love that I am exact opposite of where he is on the map. 

Well, I just thought this was interesting and that I would share in case any of you all wanted to give it a whirl!  If you do, let me know where you stand!  It's so interesting I think.  Happy politicking!  

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