The End of Days.

I can't even think about anything else right now.  It feels like the end of Indecision 2008, that when I walk out of my house everything is going to look and feel different, better.  lol.  God bless Colbert and Jon Stewart... they are funny.

I don't understand why people think we are going to have some RADICAL over night change into SOCIALISM right away.  I mean, I love and support Obama, but we have checks and balances people, there are two other branches of government, not just the Executive branch.  And people don't need to worry about our country becoming a *gasp* socialist country anytime in the near future.  Some socialist policies may be put into play, but I don't think greedy Americans could every fully succumb to socialism, so chill out.  

We need to come together as a country and unite to finally push us into a good direction of change.  I feel like I need to *gasp* when I say change too.  My freshmen year of college, one of my best friends came into my dorm room one day as I was rearranging and said, "R, you are obviously not a republican, you change your room too much."  I thought that was funny.  But we should embrace change, why stay stagnant?  The rest of the world is changing and the USA is falling behind.  Keep up people!  Don't let your religion scare you, if the End of Days is coming, then you should feel secure in where you're going, right?  So don't stop progress.

Other than that, I have to say I think McCain and Palin showed real class when they were giving the speech.  For me, it's always sad to see someone lose.  I felt really bad for McCain - he served our country well in the past, but I don't think the presidency was ever something for him.  And I'm not going to address what I really think about Sarah Palin as a government official.

But be grateful!  Be joyous!  After 8 years we can have a government that supports women, and equal rights, and health care reform.  Goodbye George W.  I'm sorry your presidency is going to go down as the worst in history.  Truly, I am sorry.

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