thoughts on a saturday morning.

Chelsea and I watched WALL E last night and I thought I was going to explode from the cuteness.  Neither of us had seen it before and so she bought it because it was out for the rentals at Hastings.  We've been talking in his voice since we watched it.  We're really annoying probably.  

Chelsea and I also had this argument last night (we argue a lot, but we don't care, it's fun)...

C- If you were a boy you'd have a small penis.
R- What?
C- You have some tiny ass feet.  So your penis would be small.
R- Eff you!  I would have a HUGE penis if I were a boy.

... only I wish you could hear how serious and loud this got.  I love my roommate :)

I took her to Starbucks this morning for brefest (that is spelled correctly) because she's never been and got tired of me complaining about how I wished Breakfast delivered so I wouldn't have to get outta bed.  She was so cute because I had to like talk her through it.  Also, too, we had a new guy ringing up our order and my order freaked him out because it's complicated.  I'd like a QuadGrandeSkinnyVanillaLatte please.  I had to explain to HIM what this meant, and he works there!  Yeah, I'm that girl.

PS - There was the cutest Asian baby girl (and when I say baby I mean like 3 or 4) at Starbucks and I wanted to steal her.  There was also this little boy about two with white blonde curly hair there that was SO cute and he told me Chels that "he goin cago" (he's going to Chicago) and then when his mom was like "tell the girls bye" he was like "NO!"  ohmigawd, cute.  I want a yittle babykins please.

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