some changes will be made

I am delighted that I have a new phone. Well, it's old, but new to me. Chelsea brought me back one of her old ones that was new-er-ish. Since my blackberry decides to go crazy every once and a while (maybe I should've named it Britney instead of Mary-Kate) or almost always goes crazy and not just every once and a while, and the ollllllld phone I was using couldn't hold a charge so dropped my calls that were longer than two minutes and I couldn't hear anything either, she gave me the phone she had before her current one. :)

It's just confusing because there are all her contacts AND my contacts and some of them overlap and I need to go through and delete all hers which will take forever. I'm just going to keep this phone forever. I'm so over technology and having the newest stuff. Eff you phone! Eff you iPod. ugh.

I'm not sure I'll make it through this week, but we will see.

My friend Yamini said she's been having nightmares about the things happening in India (she's from there). My heart goes out to her.

My cat went from hating Chelsea's cat to absolutely loving it. Now she ignores me most of the time to play with him. It makes me sad.

I'm going to wear my hair curly a lot more. Just so you know. In case you see me. On the street. Pimpin. That's me - the cute little red haired girl with curls in her hair. um, er. What?

I need a change of scenery like you'll never believe. Or for this week to be over. Did I say that already?

Sometimes I wish stories never ended. Or that I could make an appearance in one. Who will write my story? Not meeeeeeeeeeee.

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