Sometimes I think I just attract business. I'm a magnet for it. I don't always go asking for it, it just finds me. I'm a busy little bee.

My realty job is crazy right now. My office is merging with another office so we are getting a bunch more new agents and the paperwork and organizing everyone is going to be CRAZY. Especially next week since Linda will be gone and I'll be running the office by myself. What a great time for her to go on vacation, right when the merger is happening. Sigh.

My GA job is super busy. I've been finishing up a lit review and tomorrow will be going crazy trying to get the presentation finished for the conference on Monday which I'm still freaked out about. I really kind of want to be like, "just kidding! I'm not really going to present this stuff I've worked all semester on to a bunch of people way older than me."

School, of course is crazy. One class is kind of worry-free for me right now, I just have to worry about the final, which is take-home. But the other two I still have to finish my ginormous term papers AND take a final in one of them, too. Ugh.

I kind of just wish it was after Christmas already. My wings are going to be so tired from flying around too much. Don't expect to hang out with me or talk to me over the break. 

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