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Grad school is a killer man.  All these freakin term papers may be the death of me.  I wouldn't recommend grad school to anyone.  Um... maybe I'm kidding.  I mean, learning is good I guess.

Listen... today at work I actually felt like I was super productive (and I mean, my GA work, not my other job).  I learned how to do neat things with alllllllll the effin data I've been collecting.  It's such a pain collecting the data, but when you get to finally manipulate it and find connections and write about it, it is fun.  However I am NOT looking forward to Monday when I have to help present this article to a bunch of Kentucky Superintendents at their state conference.  Ugh, I'm so sick to my stomach just thinking about it now.  Sooooo sick.   Because I have to worry about that on top of the other two really long papers I still have to finish writing (I've already turned in one).  So if you see me, it's really just the shell of Rhianna and not me completely - it will be me completely on December 17th at 4:30pm.  Yes.

Penny (my cat) and Jax (Chelsea's cat) are sooooo in love with each other.  It is so funny to watch them play together.  Penny plays hard to get and Jax just follows her around and worships her.  So cute.  The three of us took a quick nap together this afternoon.  I'm so glad they are BFF now.

There is this girl in my class, Micah, well actually all of my classes this semester, that I just love I think.  Its one of those things where I'm just now kind of getting to know her, and I wish I would've made more of an effort earlier.  She's the only one that I have every class with this semester so she understands.  We are like the only ones in the program that have classes where huge term papers are due in EVERY class.  She feels my pain.  Much celebration will be had with her on December 17th.  

Tomorrow I'm going to post some pictures Lo took from my birfday party.  Because I didn't take any of my own and some of them are funny.  If you know us, you know every party is a theme and since my bday was right before election day, the theme was Rock the Vote.  I'm not going to post them right now because I feel like being a bloggy blogger and it's my blog so I say so.

Yesterday I hardcore cleaned my room and I love it.  Why don't I do this more often.  I used to keep it oh so very neat but these past two weeks I've let it go crazy, but not to worry, it's nice now.

I'm really struggling over what classes to take next semester.  I've signed up for three, but I'm also thinking of changing them.  I'm so flippant about this.  Is flippant the right word?  No.  I'll tell you that now, but I think I just need to bring it into my vocabulary more so I'm using it in this context.  :)

I'm in love with Conor Oberst again.  My love for him comes and goes.  But right now it's goes.  Just so you know.  

I'm hungry.

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