I will always love you, Lucky!!

I was just reading an unofficial Soap Opera Awards thing and it made me miss the days when I watched General Hospital ALL THE TIME. I got so into it like summer after 8th grade because there was an episode of Port Charles that was really interesting and that soap overlaps with GH. And then I just continued watching GH for a few years. I love that I still know the characters and can kind of follow the storyline still when I read snippets. I also love Young and the Restless and All My Children… those two are ones my mom watches so I kinda keep up and every once in a while when I’m home we’ll watch them together and she’ll fill me in. I love how easy it is just to pick back up; after just a few short explanations from mom I know exactly what has happened and what is happening in the present. I kind of want to get back into at least one of the soaps. I wish I had Soap Net, but I don’t. :(

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