Whitney, do NOT trust Olivia... PUHLEASE.

I feel like laughing a WHOLE lot.  Some people are just pathetique.

And did you hear about Zooey and Ben?  How hipster fun!  Seriously... I kind of love him.  And I kind of love her.  And together they will make such cute and adoringly pretentious babies.  SCENE.

Tomorrow I have to get up super early.  NOT fun.

I forgot to mention this before, but my best friend LEIGH is engaged!!!!  So exciting!  I can't wait for the wedding wedding wedding!!!

I have watched entirely too many episodes of Jon & Kate.  Also, too, did anyone watch THE CITY?  I never watched The Hills religiously, except for the first season kind of, but I like The City a lot more.  Probably because of Manhattan.  I know, I KNOW, it's fake... ya don't gotta tell me.  :)  I like The City though.  East Coast > West Coast.

And, I cannot wait for this season of Real World.  I have not watched The Real World since New Orleans... yeah, that was back in like 1999.  So, like almost a decade, and I think it's sad that I'm old enough to measure things in decades now.  Sigh.

2009 is lookin fiiiiiiiiine.  Hi New Year!  Come Soon!  We'll play!!!

I need sleep.  

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