A Very Duggar Wedding

Earlier I sent mom a text to remind her to watch Josh Duggar's wedding and then just a minute or so ago she sent me a text that said "I'm sorry I never had the talk with you!" right after the part in the show when JimBob talks to Josh about the birds and the bees with Josh, and it was totally awkward. I loled so hard at that so appropriately responded with "lmao" and then she sends back a text that says "I'll get you the book." OMG I was laughing so hard. I love my mom. We love that family so much. If you want to watch a bunch of awkwardness watch that father son talk and see the dvd and book Josh gets. Sooooo funny!!!

EDIT: I wrote this on my iPhone while laying in bed, so I apologzie for any spelling or grammar mistakes and the poor sentence structure.

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