damn the man, save the empire!

I can't wait until we get a Meijer because I have to go to the dreaded Wal*Mart today.  I wish there were more options here because I don't really enjoy the idea of supporting that chain.  Oh well.

The cats are cracking me up right now because they are both looking out my window and chattering at animals or something outside.  Funny.

I get to go to Paris today.  I'm babysitting two fabulous children tonight.

Chelsea and I watched One Tree Hill while eating our breakfast.  Did you know that show is ridiculous?!  Like I don't know why it isn't shown during the day with all the other terribly contrived soap operas.  

I feel very sad so I want to watch this movie because it will make me not feel so sad.

"No, we mustn't dwell... no, not today.  We CAN'T.  Not on Rex Manning day!"

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