thunderstorms are my favorite!

These people make my Thursday nights better --
Jean is mean.  She makes this face often.  Some sound bites from her - "Your hair makes you look really sick today."  "Oh you look so pretty, but you'd be better if it weren't for that pimple on your face." etc,etc,etc.  Haha.  I love her honesty though.  She plays with my hair.  I often style my hair just for her!  lol.  She is a dear girl.
Kyle and his gay face.  lol.  We both lust over boys.  Zac Efron is our current celeb crush.  He loves celeb gossip.  We often discuss the latest hot topics of the day.  He says everything is "a blessing."  He spends too much money on running shoes and has never set foot in a gym because he doesn't like sweating.  girlygirlygirly.  He is a grammar specialist.
Me.  I'm reinventing my smile.  I prefer smiling with no teefers now.  I kick all of the persons pictured's butts in digital literacy.
Micah is pretty.  I love her a lot.  We are both scorpios and so we get along on most issues.  She is from West Virginia and likes people to know that fact.  She has red hair like me and has a Stella dog.  My future dog's name is going to be Stella, too.  When I heard that was her dog's name, I knew we were destined to be friends.  I feel comfortable around her.

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