I just skimmed over a lot of really old entries and more recent ones. I realized I never blogged about His Dark Materials. Which is incredibly surprising considering how much I love that series! If you haven't read the series, you should! It is the best human experience story! I just loved all the books so much. Lyra's growing up tale is one of the greatest you will read.

The only reason why I hesitate to say it is my favorite series of books is because of Harry Potter. I started reading Harry Potter in middle school and have grown up with those books, while I read His Dark Materials later in life and all at one time. I think HDM is more intelligently written so I'm glad I read them as an adult, whereas the HP series got more complex with the stories so it lent itself to growing readers.

Like HP, HDM has had controversy. More than HP I guess. I just want to disspell the rumor that it is about kids killing God. It is NOT about that. It is about kids fighting a corrupt and controlling religious organization. But honestly, even if it was, I don't understand these people that are so against reading it and think you are going to go to hell because of it. What is your faith if it is unquestioned? Shouldn't you know what the others think to know you are sure in your faith? I've never understood this.

But the point is - read these books. They are fabulous.

And now I'm going to go to lunch! :) THE END!

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