they all came tumbling down.

I'm kind of obsessed with my Tumblr account. It is so much fun I think. And I'm glad I made this thing private now it's only people I know reading! So yay! I feel like I'm back in my lj days and making a friends cut. ha.

Most of my hits on this blog came from google image searches from the pics I had up - the two main hits being the Dakota Fanning Marc Jacobs campaign that I posted forever ago and the pics of Shawn Johnson from the Olympics. ha.

But anyways... back to tumblr. Laura - isn't it so much fun! I'm glad we are following each other :)

This week has almost killed me. I've had so many things to do and I just want to get away. Not to mention I'm just feeling so scattered and want finals to be over so I can concentrate on moving and acting and working at Remax.

PS - I got my new glasses today. I like them. Not as much as I hoped. But anything was better than my old ones. My vision is SO clear now.

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