Has anyone ever told you that you look just like someone else? This doesn't happen with me. At least not at this age - until the other day. But it happened all the time when I was younger and through my teen years. I was a pretty generic looking kid I guess.

In elementary school my best friend Lindsay and I looked alike, or so everyone said. Since we were swimmers and often in bathing suits and swim caps, when we had on this attire no one could tell us apart. I had red hair and she had blonde, but if we covered our hair, we looked just alike. Sometimes even our moms would cheer for the wrong girl during a race - something I will not let my mom live down. As we grew older and out of our gangly awkward stage we started to look different, so people never told us that anymore.

At a slightly older age I looked like my friend Kristen apparently. Kristen and I didn't see each other all that much but we had so many mutual friends in middle/early high school that thought we looked alike. My hair was still a lot more red than hers, but she had strawberry blonde/light brown hair that looked like mine in the summer.

So since the age of about 15/16 no one has told me I looked like anyone. Until yesterday my boss's husband told me (not knowing that I knew Kristen when I was younger) that I looked just like Kristen. He said we had the same facial expressions and mannerisms. Funny. I only see Kristen every once in a while now, but my boss and her husband see her often. I just thought it was funny that he thought we still looked alike. Linda, my boss, doesn't think so, but I think it's because she sees me and K all the time so she can pick out the differences.

Anyone ever told you you have a doppelganger out there?!

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