i have limited internetsssssssss

I'm a terrible blogger lately. Hohum. Hmmm... life.

School ended and I did well in my classes.  Two classes in the fall, two in the spring. I have a class with Dr. Kenkel in the fall and I love that man so much. He is the meanest, most sarcastic person in the world, but I think he is just HILARIOUS! I had him for linguistics in undergrad --and I looooooooove linguistic theory. LOVE him. Most people hate him a lot because he can be mean, but I find his sense of humor refreshing. Plus, he LOVES Harry Potter. Almost all our examples he used had to do with Harry Potter, he's a fanatic!

The play finished on Sunday and it was super fun! I had a great time because the entire cast was fabulous. My theatre family is the absolute best. We all went through some rough stuff over these past few months while doing this play and it was nice to have everyone there for each other. They are undoubtedly my favorite group of people in my life. Followed closely by the cast of Degrassi: The Next Generation. kind of. :)

I'm going to see my little baby cousin this weekend up in Columbus. My cousin Erin had a baby about a month ago, my mom has gone like twice already, but I haven't seen her yet so I'm heading up there. I'm definitely going to do some shopping while I am up there!

I need to start tweeking my research project for my presentation in San Antonio later this summer. Hmm. I don't feel like researching anymore though now that it is summer.

I need to finish getting all my books out and go to the library to get some new onesssssss! Yay reading!

I have some stuff that I want to gripe about, but I'm going to refrain. Positivity this morning! I won't let lame-o girls rain on my parade! :)

Errbody, come visit me! I get boreddddddd without a thousand things to do all the time!

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