I love to lay here lazy

I hate waking up in the mornings. I get up early but I am not in a good mood. I need quiet time before I have to interact with the world.

I'm loving the summer so far.

:) Life is good. I have some future prospects and plans in the works.

I want to go to a Children's Museum. Am I too old? Someone give me their kid so I can take them to use as my excuse. I really love those hands-on things. Or I want to go to an aquarium or zoo. Haven't been to either since last August and I need to go. Who is with me?!

Happy Thursday y'all!

(I get really bothered when people spell y'all like ya'll. It's Y'ALL. Thanks)

(I also hate it when I order sweet tea and it isn't very sweet. This happened multiple times when I was in Ohio this past weekend. But, then again, it's Ohio... )

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