i need a tan

I've maybe eaten 500 calories since last Friday. Yes, I know, this is bad. But food has just grossed me out lately. I don't want to eat at allllllll. Of course, this doesn't count the calories I have drank. How much does pomegranate green tea have? I don't know.

I went home from work early yesterday because I felt like death. Linda threatened to call my mom to check up on me. She didn't. I slept for 17 hours straight.

Whatever. Linda is going to get me fried pickles (yes, that is right, fried pickles) and make me eat them.

I made this amazing three layer chocolate cake from scratch (cake, filling, and frosting from scratch) that everyone assured me was amazing. I don't eat chocolate cake, but it was for my friend Jean's birthday and she wanted chocolate.

I keep getting hiccups and it makes me want to cut a bitch. I hate hiccups. Maybe it's my body saying "EATTTTTTT!" But body, I do not want to eat.

I do want to go hiking. I wish this weather would cooperate so I could go hiking.

Hopefully Netflix has a surprise waiting for me when I get home.

These grey skies make me feel blue.

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