bonjour mes amies!

My boss is trying to convince me I'm pregnant. I'm not, for the record. I was just so tired alllllll of the time. But I think I'm over that spell.

I need more protein in my diet, I know this. But I will NOT eat animals. It's just so gross. So I'm trying to find ways of getting protein without it ... I'm tired of feeling sluggish. This paired with the fact that I've developed lactose intolerance has forced me into being a semi-vegan. But I got supplements that help my body break down the dairy now so my body doesn't reject the ice cream I crave... lol. I never had intentions of being vegan but my body feels differently I guess. I'm just really having to adjust my diet lately and I'm finding fewer and fewer things I want to eat, so I haven't been eating much. Ugh.

Today I start with a trainer at the gym and I'm going to talk to a nutritionist, too. I need to figure out a good diet so I have energy and don't feel like sleeping all the time.

I'm going to get some low lights and high lights in my hair next week. Don't fret friends and lovers, I will remain a red head... I'll just be one with a more faceted look. I want something fun for summer. And I'm NOT cutting my hair either... just some color to make it more red and summer-y.

I got some way cute sun dresses this past weekend and I can't wait to wear them. I wish I could at work, but I can't. Going to Michigan and Ohio next weekend for a grad party and a baptism party so I will wear some dresses then!


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