Ahh! Monday is almost over and I've forgotten about Memory Monday again! Mondays go by super fast for me because they are generally busy at work catching up from the weekend (real estate never sleeps!) and then school and life get in the way. I forget about the blog and just check tumblr & fbook & twat-central 'cause they are easier and fun and people besides me actually USE them. I'll do a Memory Monday tomorrow if I have time.

And, Oh my goodness! I just checked my blog today and so many comments! I want to respond to each and every one of you that commented! I get excited when people comment, that means people actually read what I wrote and we can argue and have fun dialogue about issues. And especially thanks to LAURA! I love your comments because they are so well thought-out and articulate and you qualify your arguments so beautifully! :)

Night pretty babies! See you in the ante-meridiem(aka A.M. aka morning!)!!

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