Friday Five - Party in the USA

My Top Five Places to Travel in the United States:

1. NYC - hands down favorite. I never get tired of this beautiful, crazy city. My most favorite favorite favorite of all the big cities I've visited. Chicago is up there but NYC has lots more flavor. Next time I go I definitely want to spend a lot of time in Brooklyn since my past trips have focused on Manhattan.

2. Washington DC - I love the frenetic energy this city has. There is something about this city that has a different, fun vibe to it. Plus the metro is super duper nice - one of my favorite systems.

3. Outer Banks, NC - My favorite coastal setting. I've been to a lot of beaches. I'm not a fan of Florida but I love the coastal towns in the Carolinas and the Outer Banks is probably my favorite out of all of them - Particularly Duck-Corolla. It's a completely different feel from most coastal towns. I want to own a beach house there for sure.

4. Sedona, AZ - BeautifulBeautifulBeautiful. Normally when I go out to Arizona we go to the Phoenix area. But a few times we've been up north of that and Sedona is just amazing. One of my favorite memories is hiking up Cathedral Rock and looking out on the painted desert all around. I also have a fun embarrassing memory from this place (more embarrassing for my mom than me) that I might share next Memory Monday. Also, my uncle just bought a second home up in Sedona (he lives in Tempe) and the house has a casita for guests -- making a trip there ASAP!!!

5. San Diego, CA - I don't think I could ever live on the southern west coast, but if there was one place I would... it would be San Diego. Perfect weather all year round. It's always in the 70s and hardly ever rains. The beaches are gorgeous and the downtown is fun. The gas light district is super cute with tons of fun stores. Not to mention there is Comic-Con there every year and it has the most amazing zoo EVER.

... Those would be my picks for this category, but there are many others that would be on this list. It's hard to choose. I fall in love with places rather easily, as long as I have good memories attached to them. If the memories with the people are good, I tend to overlook other things and romanticize how I remember the place I suppose. Hopefully later in life I will have been to many many countries instead of just a few so I can properly make an international list.

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