it's a slippery slope! i'm tellin ya, a slippery slope!

Today I did three main things. I attended a meeting, I hiked, and I grocery shopped. The first is not worth noting so we'll skip to the last. Grocery shopping's not really fun to talk about - except the saying that you should not grocery shop when you're hungry is totally true. I came home with way more food than I expected. It looked like a stoner with a bad case of munchies shopped for me. But at least this stoner limited the dairy and only got a bunch of vegetarian & organic foods. The middle event was the most fun and only worth writing about really I think.

I love Leigh and we love NATURE. Especially when NATURE is free and we are broke. We went to the Pinnacles and hiked and hiked and hiked. And we had amazing conversations about a lot of things. Most of those things I'm not going to discuss with you unless your name is LoMarieWirtz then I will because then you would be another flavor and worthy of sharing these conversations with. Anyway... I had never been to the Pinnacles with Leigh and she made it so fun and cute. She's a great accessory to NATURE. We love treeeeeeees. Too bad many times I ended up taking a harder path to get to lookout points because I just didn't use my eyes to see the beaten path. But we Robert Frost-ed it anyways and that has made all the difference. One thing to note that I will share with you is our talk about drugs and my funeral and my biography that is to be penned by Leigh after my passing. I told Leigh about how I would never try cocaine and other drugs because I'm too afraid I would like them. I would definitely be the kinda gal to try it once and then be hooked. So I just use my D.A.R.E. skills and just say no! It's a slippery slope slippery slope. But we talked about what it would be like if I were to justtryitonceyouwon'tgetaddicted and about how my life was once all pop songs and bubblegum and then it was me overdosin on some heroin cuz I couldn't JUSTSAYNO. I told her if this were to be the cause of my death then my biography needs to be titled From Olsen Twins to Heroin: the story of addiction and Rhianna Brooke David. She said she would gladly write this for me. We moved onto other topics.

I like to use this literary device called HYPERBOLE in my life. Just an FYI. Take me with a grain of salt :)

Later haters.

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