Memory Monday - Run Devil Run

I did not grow up in the Catholic church. My mother grew up in the Catholic church. I'm just going to preface this story with those two sentences.

My family goes to Arizona a lot because I have a lot of family out there. I've been all over AZ and this story takes place in my favorite part of AZ - Sedona.

When I was about 10 years old I was in Arizona for my Uncle Mark's wedding. The day before the wedding I went sightseeing with my mom and some of my aunts (I have a lot of aunts). They really wanted to go see this church that was supposed to be known for its beautiful architecture. We went inside and visited the area. Catholic churches are always so beautiful. There is something about this religious tradition - not to mention their wealth - that makes for the prettiest churches I've ever seen. This one was of course amazing because it was surrounded by beautiful scenery. The inside had the classic things all Catholic churches have - an abundance of stained glass windows, murals, candles, etc. In the middle, towards the entrance of the church was this huge, ornate table with a mirror on it. I went over to it, bent down a bit and looked at the mirror. But there was something funny about the mirror and I couldn't quite figure it out. So I bent down and touched it and I SCREAMED - I mean full-out screamed inside this church. The next thing I know everyone in the church is looking horrified at me, and not just the regular "oh what an effin annoying, disrespectful child," but a full out horrified look. My mom rushes over to me pulls me by the arm outside of the church. I screamed because I was shocked to find that it wasn't just a mirror, it was a mirror at the bottom of a bowl full of cold Holy Water. I had no clue what the Holy Water was used for - I mean I had seen baptismals before but those are always up by the alter, I didn't know there would be a big bowl of water towards the entrance. My mom quickly explained to me what Holy Water was used for in the Catholic church and that people probably thought I had the Devil in me because it is supposed to burn and hurt those that are evil when they come in contact with it.

I didn't have the devil in me, just a curious ten-year-old girl that didn't know any better. My mom was highly embarrassed.

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