Friday Five: Things I don't leave home without!

5 things that are usually in my bag:

1.  My iPhone.  Her name is Suri Cruise and we've been in love since New Year's Day of 2009.  She showed me the ways of the app and tore me away from my torrid love affair with my Blackberry (Mary-Kate).  I will forever stand by the iPhone > Blackberry after having loved (& lost) both.

2.  a journal/notebook.  I always keeps something to jot things down on.  I currently have a plain lined black moleskine (yeah yeah yeah, whatevs) that is sort of a catch all for things in my head.  Random thoughts, quotes people say I want to remember, grocery lists, important dates, etc.  My refills for my day planner don't start again until January, so the moleskine is used for more than just writing... come January my day planner would DEFINITELY be on this Friday Five list, as I am a busy girl and can never keep things straight, but until then my little moleskine does the trick.

3.  Burt's Bees.  I gotta keep my lips soft and supple with something.  Love Burt's Beeswax because it doesn't taste gross or too good (so you don't lick it right off), it WORKS, and it's all natural.  I'm not a lipstick girl, not even really a gloss girl, although I do sometimes use a light gloss.  My natural lips are big and really pink already so I just go with it... a little lip balm and I'm good to go.

4.  a book.  Almost always have a book with me.  If it's not in my bag, which it usually is, it's sitting on the passenger seat in my car.  You never know when you'll have a spare moment and it's nice having a book handy.  (iPhone apps are also good for this and I have tons of book apps on my phone, too!)  Current book is Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  I've been trying to read it for weeks now and am only a few chapters in.  I got distracted with other books since starting Dragon Tattoo but I've finished all those and am now back on track.

5.  toothbrush/toothpaste/floss.  I'm a big dental hygiene fan.  And I always carry my travel toiletry kit with me.  At the very least I have my toothbrush (if my bag isn't that big), but normally I have all the other goods, PLUS deodorant, light-smelling body spray, hair bands, and bobby pins (tons of bobby pins!).

I almost always carry a huge bag.  If I'm going somewhere special I'll switch to a clutch or small handbag that goes with my outfit and holds the essential ID, Credit Card, phone.  Something that I've always found comes in handy - a lighter.  You never know when you're going to need one.  You might think you won't, especially if you are a non-smoker, but you'd be surprised how many times it's come in handy, and not just to light someone's cigarette. 
[click to enlarge]

So those are my five.  
What five things are always with you in your bag?!


  1. I'm reading Girl With a Dragon Tattoo now too! My five are: cell phone, smokes, iPod, book, quick makeup stuff (mascara, eyeliner, concealer, and most of all, blush).

    Btw, how did you make your little graphic at the bottome of your post? Do you use Illustrator?

  2. My bag is full of shit, but five things you will always find in there: lipstick, sunglasses, wallet-type-thing, reading book, cell phone.