rhiannabrooke(dot)com LIIIIIVE!

Hello there fellow wanderers of the world wide web!  My name is Rhianna (ree-ann-uhh) Brooke (brook... duh).  You've stumbled upon (or, more than likely, been forced to visit) my website.  After a couple months of sitting on this domain name, I finally got around to making something of it.  Once I had the idea (TODAY!) that I needed to do something, I whirled around and splished and splashed in this internet pool trying to get this thing up and running.  So, expect many changes within the next few weeks as I tweak this lil ol' website.  I have bunches of ideas for what will be posted up in here, and also talked to some friends that will guest blog on a regular basis - and let me tell ya, they have some AMAZING ideas.

 Some things you can expect in the future: an advice column, Ask Rhianna; random observations from my everyday life; movie and book reviews; obnoxious pictures of me and my friendlies; and wonderful stories of my dearest home state, KENTUCKY.

If you're wondering who I am (odds are you probably aren't, OR you already know me), I'm that girl in the picture.  My ugly mug has been affixed to my body for twentysomething years now and like most narcissistic twentysomethings in this New Age of Technology, I think that being young and tech-savvy means I can operate a website that people have some vague interest in!  Watch me try!

I adore: books, television shows about melodramatic verbose teens, cirrus clouds, hiking, reading oodles of fashion blogs, learning about politics, my babygirldogpuppy RORY, my sassykittenchild PENNY, my best friendlies, social networking of allllll kinds, having real conversations, porch sitting, the Olsen Twins, baking, world religions (particularly Hinduism & Buddhism), and, most importantly, ELEPHANTS.

Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to come back now, ya hear?!

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  1. So so so so so so stoked!!

    You had me literally laughing as I read this. Can't wait for you to post more!! <3

    (P.S. I do, however, resent the fact that I can't type in my website, I have to comment with my Google Account. Blaaaaah. ;))