Mcakes et moi (Halloween)
Just for my own memory I wanted to document... I have new roommates.  My old roommate moved back to the city he was living in before to be closer to work, home, and school.  Enter MICAH.  My bestie, Micah {ALSO KNOWN AS M-CAKES OR JUST M}, moved in with me.   Mcakes is a lovely little girl and fellow redheaded scorpio like moi (watch out world!).  I predict we will kill each other within the first month.  Juuuuuuuuust kidding.  We're not THAT bratty.  ;)

EXHIBIT A (sleepin' babes)
And with Micah comes Stella.  Stella is her hound dog.  Rory, my dog, and Stella are kind of socially awkward.  We joke that our girls are "homeschooled." {NO OFFENSE TO YOU HOMESCHOOLERS OUT THERE!}So, when you add in these two to me + Rory, my dog + Penny, my cat... you get a house full of women.  A house of bitches.  Ha.  So far no one has been seriously injured and nothing has been broken.  StellBell has initially taken on the role of ALPHA dog in the place.  But we all know that Penny rules the roost - don't you just love how disdainfully cats look down upon dogs?  SO sassy!  Ha.  Our homeschooled puppygirlbabies wear each other out fast - it's a buncha running/slobbering/barking in circles and then collapse.  See Exhibit A. 

I'm sure there will be more stories that pop up with this new twist to my life!  I'm just trying to enjoy the ride! 


  1. Omg I could not stop laughing about the homeschooled comment. Funny & accurate.