clumsy girl {vol. 1}

My mister suggested I start blogging all the things I've done / do / say that concern my clumsiness.  I'm a clumsy person.  If you ask me, it gets worse with age - I don't remember being super clumsy when I was little, although my mother and the scars and broken bones / ligaments in my past might disagree.  But my mama can't say anything, as she's the clumsiest person I know. {MAYBE IT'S GENETIC?} I think the event that started mister's thinking was when we were walking on the icy snow hand-n-hand and I started to slip so I let go of him, pushed him to where there wasn't ice and yelled "save yourself!"

1st Clumsy Girl tip:  When walking with a loved one and starting to fall, push them to safety so they don't tumble down with you.

2nd Clumsy Girl tip:  When walking on the icy ground with a hot drink in your hand and starting to fall, don't be a hero -- throw the hot drink as far away from you as possible.  This way when you do fall - because let's face it, you're a clumsy girl - you won't also spill a hot drink on your bruised bum {and ego}.


  1. Hello Rhianna, just stumbled on your blog via designlovefest and this post really made me chuckle as i too am the clumsiest person i know. I seem to be forever covered in bruises and cutting or burning myself in the kitchen. My most recent event was spilling yellow paint all over the living room floor last night, disaster! It's good to know there's more of us!

  2. Hey there Ruby! So glad to find another Clumsy Girl!!! Oh dear me, spilling paint - definitely sounds like something I'd do. I hope everything turned out okay!

    Don't you just love Bri over at designlovefest? I just think she's the cutest and her posts are so inspiring!

  3. PS - just checked out your blog - in case you didn't know, your name is definitely HANNAH and NOT Ruby. Sorry Hannah! But adorable name for a blog and lovely blog! ;)


  4. Would you like to increase the size of your penis?

    Kidding. I am not a spambot. But I AM happy I can comment again.

    As if I haven't told you enough times, we are definitely kindred spirits. I'm TERRIBLY clumsy. I always fall/trip/run into things. Embarrassing. Just the other day I almost ate shit in front of 1,000 high schoolers at lunch time because I wasn't paying attention and stepped in some weird food that was on the floor. I don't know how I stopped myself from falling, but I did.

  5. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! I literally lol-ed when I saw that first line on my phone!

    Clumsy - yes. So bad. Mister laughs at me constantly. {And kept hounding me to make Clumsy Girl posts until I did... he thinks the rules I spout off are funny - I take them seriously.}

  6. Clumsy girl rules are serious business.

    I've fallen so much, that for a while I was really afraid of wearing heels. But then I realized that I was always falling in flats, so how much worse could heels be??

  7. Exxxxactly! I've fallen more in flats, tennis shoes even that are supposed to have a good grip, than I have in heels.

    My worst fall involving shoes though was platform sandals (ewwwww high school) and I tore ligaments. Haven't worn straight platforms since (which is a blessing in disguise!). :)