playing favorites.

I went to my parents house the other day to help mom look for something.  While in one of the unused bedrooms, affectionately known as "Rhianna's Junk Room" (storage boxes with all my junk that either I or mom cannot yet part with) mom found some things saved from school.  One of these things was a little brochure where I drew a picture of myself, titled it "Facts about Rhianna," and on the inside wrote a paragraph with only the most important facts about 7-year-old-me.  My favorite things about this:  it looks like I erased the comma after Michelle and put another one before the And on the second line; the fact that I like animals and have freckles were very important (and still true to this day!); and I single out my brother, Bobby, as being the only of my 5 siblings that I actually like - bahaha. 

That is 7 year old Rhianna for you.  Although I might have been 8, but I was either of the two because the first 3 names are girls that were my friends during those ages & probably the friends that were assigned to my table instead of being BEST friends - as I don't have any special memories of those particular girls during that time but I do remember who they are.  No clue what they are doing now - hope they're well!

Hmm.  Oh well.  Mom and I found a few other gems.  But that was the only one I snapped a picture of with my phone.  Why did my mom keep all that junk?

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  1. i love looking through old stuff, its so fun! :)