smooth criminal.

Smoothies are the greatest thing in existence.  I've been a fan for a long time.  Up until the beginning of the past December I rarely made my own.  What changed you may ask? (or you didn't but you're getting an answer anyway.  in 3... 2... 1...) My Housewife.  Obvs.  In the post before this I talked about the changes I've made.  The most consistent one since December has been - smoothies for breakfast!  Let me tell ya, smoothies rule because they are yummy, nutritious, and filling!

Okay - so here's the BASIC smoothie recipe I use everyday.  I've tweaked it very little because I've not been bored with it yet the past two months I've been consuming it.  But I'm sure you can tweak it to your liking.  That's the amazeballs thing about smoothies - just put a bunch of yummy stuff in a blender and you're bound to get something that tastes good!

Step 1:  Gather your ingredients!

Ingrediants for Mcakes' Breakfast Smoothie:
 1.  1/2 cup orange juice
2.  a heaping handful of baby spinach
3.  a tablespoon of flax seed (omega 3s! hello!)
4.  one (1) individual yogurt - preferably a "berry"ish flavor (Mcakes recommends Carb Master)
5.  one (1) cup of frozen mixed berries
6.  one (1) banana*

You will need a blender, a spoon, and a cup!

Step 2:  Put all the ingredients in the blender, set it to "smoothie" or "iced drink" and blend!  (Note:  About halfway through the blending I stop it and use the spoon to mash things down and more towards the center then start blending again)

*it is VERY important that you give a small end piece of your banana to your puppy dog.  Rory & Stella (the dogs of the house) LOVE their morning pieces of banana.  don't have a dog?  take a bite of that banana and enjoy it yourself!  (Note: this is not necessary unless you live in our apartment)

aaaaaaannnnnnnd then you get:  a delicious and nutrious smoothie!

sorry this pic is SO lame, it was early & before I had my coffee

Do y'all consume smoothies? 
What do you put in your smoothie???


  1. YUM!! I want to try this!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Now if only you could get me a housewife...

  2. It's actually very, very good. Micah makes them every single day and let me try hers at first before she taught me what goes in them. I drink them most days a week. Sometimes I switch up and have oatmeal or just plain eggs for breakfast. The blender is the most used item in our apartment for sure.

    Um... simple - come live with us and she can be your housewife too! (Only, the past few weeks she's been traveling a lot so I only see her some weekdays at most. She always cooks on Wednesday nights though and makes more for us to freeze and take for lunch the next day! Last night she made quiche and homemade wheat biscuits!)