habits. the good, the bad, and the falafel.

The good.  So, I'm going to brag on myself a bit (don't worry - before I get a big head, I'm going to say some not so nice things, too!).  I've been doing better with what I put into my body!  Mainly due to my new housewife.  Mcakes, workout-barbie-princess-fitness-guru, is way into being HEALTHY.  She rubs off on me, whether she means to or not, and whether I realize it or not.  Since we've been living together in sin {side note, we're JUUUUUST besties}I've been having smoothies for breakfast most days.  This is awesome because on these days I feel good knowing I've gotten a good amount of fruits, veggies, and omega 3s {what those exactly do, I'm not sure - but Mcakes assures me they are needed}.  I can't remember if I've shared the smoothie recipe on here, maybe that'll be another post.  Anyways --- back on track.  Mcakes, like every good housewife, makes dinner a lot - so we eat healthy {&cheap} throughout the week.  When she isn't being my personal chef in the kitchen, I opt for lean cuisines or something healthy-ish of the like.  Also, too, (redundant redundant) - I've been drinking a TON more water and kicking the evil Diet Soda Habit and instead opting for tea.  The main liquids that go in my body now are coffee, water, and tea.  Water being the most.  I haven't regularly drank this much water since I was swimming competitively {& I ain't just talkin bout chlorine water - I was super healthy back then!}.  This new Thousand Glasses of Water a Day Habit is good and bad.  My body thanks me, it's hydrated, the cramps are lessened, the headaches less severe.  But it's horrible too because I pee SO EFFIN MUCH.  Sigh.  The downside to being healthy.

Now let's talk about the bad.  Exercise.  With our uncharacteristically harsh winter so far, I've not been walking as much because I hate being so cold {side note - on our sunny warm days, I HAVE been getting out of the house and walking for miles, literally}.  I used to walk my dog every morning, at least around the block, but usually longer.  I've not been to a gym in Lord knows how long.  The most I've done with exercise is Just Dance 2.  If you're not familiar with my love of Just Dance 2 or haven't been MADE to dance with me - you're lucky.  I need to start dancing everyday.  I need to start putting forth effort into my exercise routine while I'm stuck in my house with the ice/snow (Clumsy Girls hate going out in ice & snow - just this icy morning I almost completely fell once {a brick wall nearby saved me} and slipped about 4 times).  My friend, Kara, who is inspiring with her honesty & motivation to start becoming healthy, has tried zumba.  I'm going to try this because I've wanted to do it forever.  I spontaneously dance a lot - so a workout dedicated solely to dance is where I wanna be.  The problem with this is money - classes cost money.  Sigh.  Someday I will not be living paycheck to paycheck in my ghetto apartment and will attend zumba regularly!  Enough about this - this whole paragraph boils down to - I'm plain lazy.  And love to dance.  The end.

falafel of dreams
Now the third part of our post - the falafel.  Sometimes a girl just needs one.  This girl needs one at least weekly.  Let's take a minute and pause to thank the food gods that Babylon (local Greek restaurant) does not deliver and is not open on Sundays - because this is the only thing that prevents me from eating there for every meal.  No really, I'd eat there for EVERY MEAL.


  1. Aw congrats on being healthier! I've been terrible at exercising lately. So sad. I'm just soooo busy, so I'm just thankful I even have time to make dinner most nights. I know this crazy schedule is just temporary, so I'm not too worried. I want a housewife, though. That'd be great. Also, please please please post smoothie recipes. I need some.

    I've never had a falafel. Can you believe that??

  2. You should definitely try a falafel sometime! They are delish!!! So so good. I probably eat one once a week and that is no exaggeration.

    Having a housewife is awesome! She cooks and then I do the dishes. Baha.

    I will post the basic smoothie recipe tomorrow! (I'll take a pic of the process and finished product and post) I've not really deviated from it yet because I just have them for breakfast and they are so yummy that I've not gotten bored with them yet.

  3. Okay, can't wait to see the post, then! :)

  4. I do heart falafel. And I'm glad I can have such a positive impact :)