It's almost the weekend.  Here are my thoughts.

  • excited for the shoestring budget road-trip with mister to the land of our future.
  • lookin at livin' quarters to call our own in the land of our future is going to be fun.
  • seeing a lovely little band for the third time of my life will be so very fantastic that i will probably spend saturday gasping and sighing a lot and my face will be plastered with a ridiculous grin.
  • linda always says "if money can fix your problems, then you don't have any problems."  i'm starting to understand the wisdom in this.  this mantra of hers is speaking to me this week when money has got me down.  trying to be positive.
  • being positive is made so much easier with mister's encouraging words.
  • everyone makes mistakes.  everyone has flaws.  everyone is going through trials and tribulations in their lives.  
  • it gets me weak that The Justin Bieber Experience was on glee this week. 
  • i'm not a fan of the biebs.  i don't hate him, i'm just indifferent.
  • mister & i fight over who gets to play angry birds on my iphone.  it was started this past weekend when we went to visit my sick aunt that had that game on her ipad.  we started to play, became addicted, then my aunt got mad because mister & i surpassed her level and she took the ipad away from us.  i dl'ed it on suri cruise (my iphone), but it's not the same as on an ipad.  we still fight over who gets to play though.
  • the longest bullet in my list is about some dumb game.
  • modern family is probably the show that i most relate to in life. 
(you're welcome)


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