work has been crazy
the internet keeps failing
but days go by fast

busy busy nights
looking forward to weekend
so far no real plans

haikus are so fun
but sometimes really hard to
get in all your words

(that's some {bad} poetry for ya to say - our internet at work is so wanky and keeps failing & work has been so busy.  my weeknights have been busy with plans {some fun & some not}.  i really want the weekend to get here because i have nowhere specific to be but i have people i wanna see and things i wanna do and i don't HAVE to do anything so hopefully i can see everyone/thing i want to and relaxxxxxx. i hope your week is going well.)


  1. wanky internet sounds very British...hehehe

  2. I watch way more British television shows regularly than American. Their slang slips into my vocab a lot more. Ha!