So I've been away from my everyday world for a couple days and will be for a couple more in favor of spending time in my future everyday world.  It's weird.  And being here - trying to memorize roads and landmarks so I'm not hopelessly lost, soaking in everything, continually being in awe that things are within 30 minutes of me where in KY it took hours to get to most places -well, it makes everything seem much more real.  I probably keep saying that.  My parents will be here the day after tomorrow to tour around, see the places where their daughter will be living, and relax for a few days.

Currently, I'm waiting in mister's college library while he runs a meeting.  I still have 45 minutes until he is finished pretending to be important and educate faculty peers on how to handle situations.  But it's been nice finally catching up on things online.  I'd also like to point out that there is a young man that works here working on some of the computers - he's the only other person in the computer part of the library right now (it's the college spring break here).  He kindly asked me if I would mind if he played some music while he worked.  I said "of course not."  He started playing some old school emo-tastic tunes.  Think Chris Carrabba.  Yessssss VINDICATED I AM SELFISH I AM WRONG... etc.  I feel like he is not even being ironic about listening to it.  I think this guy and I could be friends.  And I also think that were mister here at this time (or most of my friends for that matter) they would make fun of me for LOVING this horrible whiny music.  Because - let's face it - I have horrible taste and I love me some Dashboard.  ... memoriessssssss.

Back on target.  Here's a sneak peak at my future:  

Our future dwelling place.  A little old red house.  (The trailer will be gone -- it's being used to move furniture out [to make room for US... duh].)  It used to be a glorified hunting cabin, I believe.  Don't quote me on that.  There's a newly painted white porch swing that you can't see.  It has a big old fireplace.  Two bedrooms and a loft area.   It's pretty sweet.  Cute and cozy.  Loves it.

Here's part of the backyard.  Not pictured here -- all the chickens, turkeys, and the big scary pigs.  Mister made me go look at the pigs again.  I said "Why are you doing this to me?!"  He said that I had probably exaggerated the size of them in my mind.  I said "no I didn't.  Pigs EAT humans."  His dad agreed with me.  I crossed my arms and pouted.  "I'm not going to see them again" I says.  Two minutes later we were walking out back to see them.  I stayed a good 40 feet away at least.  I went back to the house quickly.  Mister thinks Pig-phobia is not real.  I tell him, "just wait until you are missing for days and no one can find you -- your remains will be pooped out in that pen."  Mister's dad tells me that the pigs are going to slaughter before we actually move in.  I make a sigh of relief.  I win this time.

I'm not going to proof read this right now, okay?  So don't get all huffy if there's spelling/grammar mistakes.  Next time I get on a real computer (which is still days away) I'll fix it for you, okay?  Okay?!  Okay.



  1. OMG what a cute house! I love it! & I love love love that is has a porch swing! You're going to have the best summer. :)

  2. You had me at the guy in the library quietly playing dashboard - that is too funny! Was there some "YOUR HAIR..IS EVERYWHERE.." Ha!

    Very cute house too - and look at all that land you have!

  3. CM - Yes, I'm excited! I think it will be so so so lovely!

    Stephanie - He DID start Screaming Infidelities, but did not play it all the way through! And we are renting so that is all of our landlord's land, but the little yard that goes with our house stop's at that fence! It's still very nice and we feel extremely lucky to live there! Thanks!!