why my housewife rules (and your's drools?).

1.  She cooks me supper on the regular.

2.  She freezes leftovers for meals later in the week and refrigerates individual servings for lunch the next day.

3.  When I pack my lunch for work, she writes cute notes on the napkin and slips it in as a surprise.

Other reasons:  she's pretty, she's influenced me to eat better & exercise (though I still haven't really got on her level for either - especially the exercise), she's smart, she laughs at my jokes, she asks how my day was, she wishes me a good day before I leave for work, she takes care of my animals if I can't be there, she keeps "mamaw" hours (this means we go to bed SUPER early), and did I mention that she feeds me?  Yeah - she feeds me... biggest reason!


  1. So jealous. I NEED to find myself a housewife ASAP. :/

    Next thing you know, she'll be knitting for you!

  2. lol! I hope Micah reads that comment -- she's not the crafty type at all... she'll laugh at that. But that's perfectly fine because I am. ha :)

    I highly recommend everyone get their own housewife! It rules!